Does Xiaomi Mi5c have FM radio?

Does xiaomi mi5c have FM radio? the answer is yes it does, xiaomi mi5c does have a built in stereo FM radio, unlike the elder brothers mi5, mi5s and mi5s plus, which doesn't have built in FM radio at all.

You can find the FM radio application on xiaomi mi5c under the 'Tools' folder, see the image below:

You will still need to plug-in an earphones to the audio jack if you want to listen to the radio on xiaomi mi5c, the earphones will act as an antenna for the phone to get the radio signal.

There is an option for sleep timer, so after a period of time the FM radio will be turn off/inactive, you can set the timer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour.

On xiaomi mi5c, it is also possible to record audio from the FM radio broadcast, you can record while listening to the radio, the recording files will be in mp3 format.

The file will be recorded on this location:
Internal Storage > MIUI > sound_recorder > fm_rec


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