Xiaomi Mi5c tear down

Let's have a look at all the hardware inside xiaomi mi5c...shall we?

First, let us remove the dual-nano SIM tray
removing the sim card tray

Next, open the lower bottom cover to reveal the 2 sealed screws

As a standard 2-piece modular assembly of all Mi devices

Here we see here the heat insulting tape

Removing the insulating tape and cover

The built-in 2860mAh battery, which is not removable, but replaceable.

Now, removing the bottom cover piece

The Mi 5c is equipped with the Synaptics S333 micro-controller

This is the fingerprint scanner

Let's have a look at the camera

The 2 camera modules used in Mi 5c, produced by "Sunny"

Now to the Pinecone Surge S1 SoC!

Now, a glimpse of the first Xiaomi-inhouse developed and produced, Pinecone Surge S1 SoC, motherboard

Red: Internal LPDDR4 3G RAM
Blue: Toshiba 64GB Internal Memory
Orange: NXP TFA9891 Smart Audio Processor Amplifier (Same used in Google Pixel XL)
Green: Pinecone Surge S1 SoC

Source: http://mobile.it168.com/tu/3103777_1.shtml


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