Problems with Xiaomi Mi5c

There is no perfect smartphones, every smartphones always have design flaws, including the mi5c, xiaomi's first attempt on creating their own chipset. So here's some of the problems that i found after using the phone for a while.

List of known issue/problems on xiaomi mi5c
  1. Cannot get 3G and 4G network on mi5c, only 2G, the solution is here
  2. When the 4G and 3G network is enabled, the 4G network speed is good, but the 3G speed is terrible, there is no solution for this problem yet.
  3. The slim design and metal material makes the phone feels very slippery, the solution is to buy a hard case
  4. Sometimes when using the phone for period of times, the phone starts to heat up specially on the back, there is no solution for this problem yet, could be because of the distributor rom.
  5. Notifications for whatsapp is very slow, this happened on other xiaomi device also, no solution yet for this problem
  6. There is no global rom for mi5c that officially released by xiaomi yet, only stable china rom, probably there never be global rom for mi5c
  7. The phone camera app won't allow 4K video record, the solution is using third party video recording apps such as cinema fv-5

Those are the problems that i had with xiaomi mi5c so far, the most annoying one is number 2, if you know the solution please comment down below.


  1. Problem 5 can be fixed, there are lots of videos on YouTube, the problem is related to the battery optimisation.


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