Does Xiaomi Mi5c have fingerprint sensor?

Does xiaomi mi5c have fingerprint sensor onboard? yes it does, being a mid-range device doesn't mean mi5c lack of this feature. The fingerprint sensor on mi5c is located at the front of the device, just like mi5 and mi5s.

Even though this phone have a fingerprint sensor, the type of fingerprint sensor on mi5c is a passive fingerprint, meaning you have to wake the phone first before unlock the screen using fingerprint.

The fingerprint itself is act as a home button, so you can press the fingerprint sensor to wake the phone and then gently touch the fingerprint sensor to unlock the lock screen.

With xiaomi mi5c you can add fingerprint up to 5 fingerprints, that's the maximum number of fingerprints you can have on mi5c and the fingerprint can be applied for lock screen, privacy password, and app lock.

You can setup new fingerprint by opening the 'Settings' menu and then go to 'Lock screen & password', then choose 'Screen lock & fingerprint', enter password/pin or pattern and finally choose the 'Add fingerprint' options.


  1. xiaomi redmi 5 also supports fingerprint recognition and fingerprint unlocking. Fingerprint recognition has become a more and more popular feature of smartphones and many smartphones are equipped with fingerprint sensors nowadays.


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